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tv   New York Gubernatorial Campaign Ads  CSPAN  November 3, 2014 3:47pm-3:52pm EST

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make as i'm running out of time and there has been fun stuff on twitter. this is the basket point and the thought exercise i want to leave with all of you, particularly those of you who work with real people. if the message frlt media is that both parties are out to get you and barack obama and the democrats who we thought were friends are turning on you and everyone is out to get you, that's a set of and signing up for the programs that may come up in the next or nine months.
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it has gone way out of the way to listen to you and try to pass. i will say this immigration had been blocked four times. i have to talk to charlie crist on cnn. to me if it is possible to be true and tell stories and not everybody is out to get you -- >> i need to wrap up. weather those are important to inspire the immigrant community who would like to believe that america was more favorable than is currently being perceived in the media. thank you. >> i'm sorry. i'm going to ask you to come up
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and ask a question individually. i need to close the panel in order for people to meet commitments. i think that the new reality point is an important and sobering take away. this is not an optimistic picture, but it may be what we need to live with. see you at 2:00. >> thought campaign 2014, c-span brought you more than 130 candidate debates from across the country. in races that determine control of the next congress. watch the live election night coverage to see who wins, who loses and you will see the concession speeches. throughout the night and into
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the morning, we want to hear from you with your calls, comments and tweets. campaign 2014 election night coverage on c-span. new york incumbent governor andrew cuomo is running against rob astorino. howie hawkins and michael mcdermott. here's a look at some of the most recent campaign ads. >> one, two, three, four, five, seven, six, six. >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> these are the stakes. do we reelect a government who may end up in jail.
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>> can we trust conservative rob astori astorino? when he ran for county executive, he promised to cut property taxes 20%, then he broke his word and vetoed a cut. westchester has the highest property taxes not only in new york but in the nation. the highest property taxes in the nation. if you can't trust him o to manage taxes in westchester, you could never trust him as governor. >> the governor is supposed to represent all the people, but andrew cuomo only represents e elitist liberals. cuomo doesn't care about you. his arrogance is off the map. that's why he forced gun control, banned popular rifles, magazines and violated the privacy of gun owners. andrew cuomo took constitutional freedoms away from you. take the governor's office away from him


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